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4 Tips for Taking Care of Roses

4 Tips for Taking Care of Roses

14th Jun 2023

There are many reasons why people love roses. These beautiful blooming flowers come in many colors and have aromatic scents that make them sought after for bath products and fragrances. These popular flowers keep any local florist busy on Valentine's Day. Are you curious about what it takes to maintain roses? If so, read on for more insight.

1. Pruning

Much like trees, roses are flowers that need regular pruning. A rose bush should be pruned in the early spring. Pruning can help shape the bush as well as remove any diseased or damaged stems that can become an issue. Many cut rose stems are often pruned of their thorns so that they don't hurt people's fingers when they hold them.

2. Water and Sun

It shouldn't come as a surprise that ample sun and water are vital to the life of a rosebud. According to the Smithsonian Institution, roses need at least six hours of full sun daily along with moderate amounts of water. A good amount of water is about two inches per week. They thrive in drained and nutrient-rich soil.

3. Disease Control

Like any other plant, a rose bush can get diseased. As mentioned, regular pruning can help get rid of any diseased stems that can further infest the rose bush. Black spots and powdery mildew substances are signs of disease on the plant. You can prevent such fungal infections and diseases by spraying it regularly with your insecticide of choice. If you're unsure what to spray your roses with, ask your local florist for advice!

4. Feeding

Roses can be hungry plants. They need regular balance feeding that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Always give them regular fertilizer before and during the blooming season.

Roses bring joy to many people's lives. You can use their petals in your bath, drink them in tea, or just let their fragrant blooms enhance the beauty and scent of your room. When you grow roses at home or visit your local florist, these flowers are a sight to behold, and it's no wonder many people are interested in them. If you're ready to give the gift of these beautiful stemmed flowers or have them for your home, contact Main Floral today.



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