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5 Facts to Know About Hydrangeas

5 Facts to Know About Hydrangeas

15th Nov 2023

Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers and some of the most popular blooms around. There are more than 75 kinds of hydrangeas available to gardeners, according to Better Homes and Gardens. Next time you stop at your local florist, you can likely find these flowers as a gift or for yourself to make your home brighter. Here are some interesting facts about these popular blooms you may not have known of.

1. They Have a Greek Name

Did you know that Hydrangeas have a Greek name? When you break down the name “hydrangea”, it comes from two Greek words. One word is “hydor” which means water and “angos”, which means vessel or jar. The reason why it's aptly named is that it's a flower that needs plenty of water to survive.

2. They Have Symbolism

There is a great deal of symbolism with these flowers. However, their meaning changes based on the culture as well as the historical period. Victorians saw these flowers as a symbol of vanity because of how many blooms they produced. In Japan, these flowers represent a sign of gratitude because ancient emperors gave them to maidens to thank them. There's also symbolism in the color of different hydrangeas. For example, white hydrangeas represent bragging or boasting, whereas purple represents abundance and understanding.

3. They Can Change Color

Did you know there are some hydrangeas in which you can change their color? If you're growing the big leaf hydrangea, you can adjust the color of their flowers by way of soil. You can make soil amendments to the pH level to achieve the color you prefer.

4. They Are Toxic When Ingested

Hydrangeas are very beautiful but be careful around certain ones. Did you know that there are compounds in their leaves that can release cyanide? So make sure your small pets and children don't eat these leaves by accident.

5. They Come From Asia and North America

Most of these flowers are native to Asia, whereas some are also native to the North American continent. As your local florist can tell you, the smooth hydrangea is one of the more popular ones in North America. One of the most popular smooth hydrangeas is called the Annabelle, which was discovered in 1910 by a woman named Harriet Kirkpatrick.

Hydrangeas have an extensive history. Their symbolism can change based on their color as well as culture. Luckily, you don't have to worry about growing these flowers yourself. Pay a visit to your local florist who can help you find ones that you like. At Main Floral, we're here to help you choose the perfect flowers.



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