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What Flowers Should Your Anniversary Bouquet Include?

What Flowers Should Your Anniversary Bouquet Include?

29th May 2024

An anniversary is certainly a time to celebrate. If you’ve got an anniversary coming up, you might be looking to put together a stunning bouquet to celebrate the occasion. Which flowers should you pick? That can depend on many factors, including the season, your partner’s preferences, budget, and more. We’ll outline some popular options worth a look below, but if you’re looking for help with anniversary bouquets, feel free to get in touch!


The popular childhood rhyme notes that roses are red. These days, however, you can also get lavender, pink, orange, plumb, and even green roses. Roses make the top of our list because they’re the go-to choice when it comes to romance owing to their luxurious looks. They’re also easy to find and are available year-round and according to Webinar Care, north of 250 million roses are grown for Valentine’s Day alone, showing just how popular they are.


Carnations symbolize devotion and love, making them perfect for anniversaries. Like roses, you can get carnations in many different colors, including lavender, orange, pink, and yellow. Mixing in some bright yellow or orange carnations for your anniversary bouquets could add some pop and energy. Whatever the color, you can expect beautiful flowers.


Truly beautiful flowers, lilies can add some flair to your bouquets. Lilies symbolize renewal, so with lilies you can reaffirm and renew your love on the anniversary date. Orange and pink are especially good colors for anniversaries.


Want to go big and bold? Sunflowers are hard to beat in that department. If your anniversary falls in the spring or summer, and your partner is a big fan of the warmer months, sunflowers are a great, energetic option. Sunflowers can be a bit top-heavy, so it often takes skilled hands to use them in bouquets, but the results are well worth it.

Cosmos Flowers

These flowers look similar to daisies, although many folks find cosmos flowers more distinctive and eye-catching. This makes them a good choice for anniversary bouquets. They pair well with other flowers and come in bright reds, purples, and pinks, as well as white.


Blue typically isn’t the first choice for anniversaries as the color is sometimes viewed as cold. However, many people love blue and it may well be the most popular color in the world. You can combine blue eryngium flowers with warmer colors to craft a unique mix suited to your partner’s tastes (assuming they love blue).

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when building anniversary bouquets. If you need assistance, it’s wise to speak with a florist. At Main Floral, we can help you craft the perfect bouquet for any occasion. Get in touch if you need assistance.



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