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Ya Phal Me?

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I sent flowers to a friend for her birthday and everything went great! I ordered on their easy to use website and picked a custom arrangement. The flowers were beautiful, fairly priced, and arrived on time. -Joseph Brunetti


We needed flowers for my uncle's funeral and they were able to meet all of our wants and make everything beautiful. Highly Recommend and will use them in the future for sure! -Juanita O'Connor


Fantastic quality flowers and friendly staff. Definitely a great place if you want a nicer selection and quality. Flowers usually last a couple weeks or more. -Nick Hesselink


They did a fantastic arrangement for my mother for her birthday. Thank you for coming through for me at the last minute. -David Powell


Excellent selections, delivery, and customer service! The arrangements I ordered were full of beautiful flowers! Cannot thank you enough for the joy you have provided my family. You are a keeper!! -Robert Samuel

Pot, and flower, color may vary.


We know you’re going to love your Phalaenopsis Orchids, but don’t be an overbearing plant parent! Orchid roots like to be watered, but then left to almost dry out before you water them again.

This is because the roots are very susceptible to rot if they’re kept constantly moist.

A good way to tell when it’s time to water your orchid is by sticking your finger into the pot. If it feels wet, don’t water yet! You can also try lifting the pot to feel how heavy it is. When the pot is dry it will feel very light, and it might be time to give your orchid a drink.

On average, Phalaenopsis Orchids will only need watering about once evry other week , or perhaps a little more often in the hot summer months.



Customer Reviews