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3 Key Tips for Creating a Quality Floral Arrangement

3 Key Tips for Creating a Quality Floral Arrangement

12th Sep 2023

Flowers can be delightful presents on special occasions. The best get well flowers can also bring a smile to anyone’s face. While gifting individual flowers is a lovely gesture, you can make your recipients feel more special by getting a floral arrangement. How do florists manage to make those arrangements so spectacular? Learn more about the secrets of that specific trade by continuing with the rest of this article.

1. Trim Flowers at an Angle

According to Webinar Care, 70% of people say that the color of the flowers they receive affects the overall impact of the gift. Aside from emphasizing the need to know your recipient’s favorite colors, you should also present arrangements that can stay vibrant for a long time. Florists have a tip for keeping flowers in prime condition.

To ensure floral arrangements will retain their beauty for a while, florists will trim the stems of the flowers at an angle. By cutting the stems that way, the florist ensures that the flowers can reach the water and get adequate nutrients. The flowers can also be positioned according to their angles so they can properly fit inside a vase. Following this tip is necessary for all floral arrangements, but it is especially helpful for maintaining large orders.

2. Remove Leaves That Could Promote Bacterial Growth

Inadequate access to water is not the only issue that can affect the appearance of your floral arrangement. Oddly enough, water reaching certain parts of the floral arrangement can also be problematic. More specifically, you want to prevent the water from reaching the leaves because that could lead to bacterial growth.

A florist can remove only the leaves that touch the water, but they may suggest stripping all of them. Removing all the leaves ensures you can present the best get well flowers to your recipient. You don’t have to worry about their colors fading because the flowers were repositioned in transit.

3. Choose Flowers That Grow Your Area

There’s one more tip that will consistently lead to creating gorgeous floral arrangements, and it is all about flower selection. Understandably, you probably want the best get well flowers that double as your recipient’s favorite. However, that may be a poor choice if those flowers have to be transported across great distances. Local flowers are typically prettier and can charm anyone who receives them.

A quality floral arrangement can be the perfect gift for someone feeling down. Make sure the arrangement offers maximum enchantment by heeding the tips in this article. Ordering from us can ensure you get a beautiful bouquet. Contact us today, and we’ll provide your custom floral arrangements!



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