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3 Tips for Taking Care of Hydrangeas

3 Tips for Taking Care of Hydrangeas

18th Sep 2023

Hydrangeas are gorgeous flowers that add color and vibrance to any garden setting. Getting hydrangeas for your garden should not be a problem since they are available at most local floral shops. Of course, growing hydrangeas properly is a different matter. Follow the tips below and turn these beautiful flowers into staples of your outdoor landscape.

1. Plant Your Hydrangeas Properly

Did you know that, according to Better Homes and Gardens, there are over 75 kinds of hydrangeas? No matter what kind you buy for your home, the best practice is planting them in an area that receives plenty of moisture. However, you must strike a delicate balance while selecting soil for your flowers. You don’t want soil that exposes hydrangeas to standing water because that can impede their growth. Ensure your blooms grow properly by planting them in a patch of land that drains well and gives them about an inch of water per week.

2. Consider Fertilizer

Typically, hydrangeas don’t need fertilizer. They will do just fine as long as your soil provides a decent amount of nutrients. Hydrangeas may even benefit from soil that is a bit lacking in nutrient content.

Still, there’s a chance that your flowers will need a nutrient boost. Check them while they’re growing and look for yellow leaves. Yellow leaves indicate that the plant is malnourished. Immediately remedy that situation by spreading some nutrient-rich fertilizer around your hydrangeas. Many local floral shops have fertilizer ready for purchase!

3. Prune Your Blooms

Pruning directs proper plant growth, so it's an important process that home gardeners must engage in. When caring for hydrangeas, the ideal time for pruning will depend on the specific type of plant you have. Some hydrangeas should be pruned in the summer while others can wait until late into winter. Consult local floral shops to determine what your hydrangeas need.

Caring for hydrangeas will take some effort, but seeing those beautiful flowers bloom in your garden will make everything worth it. Remember the tips we listed here so you can guarantee the proper growth of your beautiful blooms. We are also ready to lend our expertise at any time. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Main Floral if you need help caring for your new plants!



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