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6 Sympathy Flowers to Give to a Loved One

6 Sympathy Flowers to Give to a Loved One

13th Nov 2023

There may come a time when you need to express sympathy for your loved ones. It's possible that they have suffered an accident or are experiencing a severe medical condition. They may also have lost a loved one. If your loved ones are feeling down, the right sympathy flowers may brighten up their life. Need help deciding which flowers to give? Feel free to reach out to us and we can provide assistance. For now, let's consider some of the most popular sympathy flowers.

1. Go White With Funerals

One of the most appropriate colors for a funeral is white. That's because white flowers symbolize remembrance. They also symbolize purity and are commonly given to people who lost a child. You might also give red sympathy flowers to someone who lost a spouse as red symbolizes eternal love.

2. Orchids Can Go The Distance

Orchids are another type of flower that's wise to select for funerals. These flowers will often last longer than other flowers and thus can celebrate life. They can also provide comfort for an extended period of time and white orchards also symbolize unending love.

3. Lilies Usher in New Beginnings

If your loved ones have recently recovered from a serious medical condition or have gone through a divorce, lilies are a great gift to give. These flowers represent new beginnings and encourage a fresh outlook. This makes them perfect for someone who is entering a new phase in life.

4. Daffodils Can Brighten Moods

You may find yourself wanting to encourage someone. You might also want to relieve some of their pain and cheer them up. This makes daffodils a fantastic choice. These lively flowers are one of the best when it comes to improving moods.

5. Send Encouragement with Tulips

It's a good idea to send people encouragement along with sympathy. Doing so can help ease the burden of their loss or challenge. You can select tulips if you're looking for a way to help lift people up.

6. Never Forget With Forget-Me-Nots

Forget-me-nots are one of the most popular flowers for expressing remembrance. This probably comes as no surprise given their name. The blue hues could also help cheer people up.

According to a Webinar Care report, 60% of people believe a floral gift has a deeper meaning, making them great for offering condolences. There are many other types of sympathy flowers. If you're not sure which ones you should select, feel free to contact Main Floral today.



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