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7 White Flowers to Send to Loved Ones This Spring

7 White Flowers to Send to Loved Ones This Spring

31st Mar 2024

White flowers have become quite popular over the years. While perhaps not as vibrant as colorful pink, red, and blue flowers, white offers a stately look, symbolizes rebirth, and can help put mourning in a more positive light, among many other things. Here are seven lovely floral options to consider gifting this spring season.

1. Daffodil

One of the most popular options to consider is the daffodil. Daffodils are often associated with purity and luck, making them great for spring graduation parties, births, and more. You can also get daffodils in other colors, with yellow being especially common.

2. White Roses

Roses are red, traditionally. However, you can get roses in many other colors too. White roses can be exceptionally beautiful, offering clean lines and stately curves. Roses are a favorite for many different situations, and you often can’t go wrong when selecting them.

3. Shasta Daisy

With white petals and vibrant yellow carpels, shasta daisies impart a feeling of rejuvenation and spring. Daisies are favorites in the late spring and are a great choice for many upbeat occasions. They work great on their own or as part of a larger arrangement.

4. White Tulips

Tulips offer one of the most distinct shapes out of any flower and they have been very popular throughout history. These flowers are often associated with spring and early summer. The fresh, vibrant vibes can go a long way.

5. Magnolias

Another famous flower, many magnolias bloom early in the spring. This alone gives them a fresh springtime feel. The distinctive shape makes these flowers especially eye-catching.

6. Hydrangea

Hydrangeas feature a unique, globe-like shape and are very eye-catching. They take up a fair bit of space and can anchor many arrangements. Most hydrangeas bloom in the mid-spring or later, so they may not always be available for spring activities. If they are readily available, they certainly are worth a look.

7. Lily of the Valley

These small flowers feature a beautiful bell-like shape. They are often combined in arrangements with other floral plants and are great for adding flair. The sweet scent also does wonders for noses.

Ultimately, white is the most common color of flower, according to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. This means you’ll have plenty of choices come spring. If you're looking for gorgeous spring arrangements from a local florist you can rely on, get in touch with Main Floral!



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