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How to Personalize Birthday Floral Gifts for Your Special Person

How to Personalize Birthday Floral Gifts for Your Special Person

16th May 2023

The best local florists will offer a wide selection of floral gifts for a wide range of occasions. According to Webinar Care, 12% of all flowers are purchased to commemorate someone's birthday. The best local florists will have great floral gift options for personalizing flowers for a special person in your life. Here are some ways you can customize a floral gift for your loved one.

Start by Choosing Their Favorite Flowers

If you want to make a floral gift more personal, then choose flowers the recipient favors. If you're unsure about which flowers are their favorite, a local florist can help you choose flowers based on their personality. Personalizing bouquets and arrangements by adding flowers your special someone admires is an easy way to personalize the gift.

Have Your Gift Delivered to Their Workplace

Sending flowers to your special person at work on their birthday will improve their day dramatically. It's a very personal gesture to send flowers to a workplace and will give them the attention they deserve. Take the gift to the next level by also sending over their favorite meal from their favorite local restaurant. A beautiful arrangement of flowers complemented by a great meal is a wonderful gesture that will be well received.

Tuck a Card in the Flowers

One of the best reasons to use a local florist for your floral gifts is because they are so accommodating. If you have a card or a message you would like to deliver with the flowers, then florists are typically very happy to assist. Ask the florist you hire if they'll be able to personalize the floral gift.

Flowers are perfect for any occasion, and most people love getting them. Talk to the best local florists in your area to get some ideas about how you can personalize a bouquet for your special person. Give us a call today or take a look at our selection of flowers to choose from.



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