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Romance Bouquets: Consider These Combinations for Your Partner

Romance Bouquets: Consider These Combinations for Your Partner

28th Mar 2024

Few things say I love you like bouquets. If you’ve got an anniversary coming up, are looking to mark a romantic holiday, or simply want to get your partner smiling and feeling loved, consider giving them a romantic bouquet. What specifically should you get? That’ll depend on your partner’s preferences, the season, and a few other factors. It’s smart to chat with local florists to consider the many different options available to you. That said, we’ll cover some of the best romantic flowers below.

Roses Are a Mainstay for a Reason

The most obvious choice for romantic flowers is probably roses. Roses have been very popular for a long time owing to their excellent looks, accommodating smells, and other attributes. Even if you want to mix in other flowers to add more variety, having at least a few roses in your bouquet is often a great idea. Don't forget to consider other colors for this floral classic, like pink.

Honeysuckle to Stimulate the Nose

Did you know that the second most common reason why people like flowers is due to the way they smell, according to a survey by We Love Florists? Looks are crucial too, of course, but a good bouquet can stimulate multiple senses. Honeysuckle offers a fragrant vanilla-like scent, so it’s great to mix into arrangements.

Lilies Adds Romantic Flare

Lilies are a great option for many different occasions. You can go with lilies alone, but they are also excellent for mixing in with other types of floral plants. This can add variety to the bouquet and will demonstrate how much thought you put into assembling it.

Camellia Makes Love Distinctive

Camellia originates in Asia and offers a distinctive, rounded profile that seems to unfold and expand right before your eyes. These flowers can be entrancing and they are quite unique. Pink and red rank among the most popular colors.

There are many more options to consider. When it comes to picking flowers, it often helps to work with top-notch local florists. These experts will be able to help you select and assemble unique bouquets that leave your partner feeling loved. Find beautiful blooms with the expert help of Main Floral! We look forward to helping you arrange the perfect floral gift for that special someone.



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