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What Are the Best Colors For a Romantic Bouquet?

What Are the Best Colors For a Romantic Bouquet?

8th May 2023

Local floral shops are a great option to find beautiful, romantic bouquets. The color of the flowers you choose for a bouquet will greatly impact how the receiver feels about the gift. According to Webinar Care, about 70% of respondents to a survey report that the color of the flowers has a big impact. Here are some color ideas for a bouquet and why you should consider them.


One of the most classic flower colors for a romantic bouquet is red, specifically the red rose. The red rose symbolizes love, and the meaning changes as the color of the rose gets deeper. For example, a deep red color symbolizes passion, and a bright red symbolizes romance and love. A burgundy color represents an unrequited love. There are plenty of symbolic meanings behind the color red. Red is a color associated with passion and dedication. A wide selection of flowers can be included in a bouquet that come in various shades of red.


Pink flowers signify pure love or innocent love and are also associated with perfect love. Like the red colors, the deeper the pink, the more powerful the message. For example, a deep purple flower represents passionate, eternal love. A mix of pink flowers in varying shades makes for a wonderful romantic bouquet from one of your local floral shops.


White is symbolic of purity, peace, innocence, and love. Adding some shades of white to your bouquet will add an ethereal feel to the bouquet. Shades of white included in the bouquet add some contrast and can help to make the bouquet pop.


You can include many flowers in your romantic bouquet in shades of blue. Dark blues, light blues, and dusty blues are all colors that have different symbolic meanings. Depending on who you’re gifting the bouquet to, blue flowers will show how much you care for them.

Working with one of your local floral shops can help you to decide which colored flowers you should include in a beautiful romantic bouquet. Choosing the right flowers will ensure you make the right impression. Give us a call today to place an order for your bouquet. We'd be happy to help you choose the right assortment of flowers.



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