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What Different Colors of Flowers Symbolize

What Different Colors of Flowers Symbolize

12th Jul 2023

Do you want to send flowers to someone you love but need help trying to convey a special meaning? If you're unsure what blooms to use for your floral delivery, just focus on color. As you know, flowers come in a range of scents and hues, but different colors have special meanings. Let's review what various colors symbolize below.


According to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, most flowers come in white. Such colored blooms represent cleanliness, purity, and innocence. They're often associated with religious devotion as well as humility. For example, white lilies are closely associated with Christianity, since they were growing in the garden that Jesus last prayed in before his crucifixion, according to Christian myth.


Is one of your friends feeling down? Do you want to give them special blooms to say how much you'll miss them as they move to start a new life somewhere else? Buy them some yellow flowers, as this color symbolizes friendship, trust, and respect.


There's a reason why red roses are so closely associated with Valentine's Day. For many people, red flowers symbolize seduction, passion, and love. Hearts are closely associated with Valentine's Day and are usually red. Of course, February 14th isn't the only time to give away red flowers. If you want to impress a date and express romantic interest in them, a beautiful bouquet of red roses or carnations may be a wonderful gesture.


Pink flowers often represent playfulness, femininity, and innocence. Send them to a friend who needs a pick-me-up. Or, if someone you know has just delivered a precious baby, pink blooms may make the ultimate floral delivery.


The color orange is often used to express fun and boldness. When you buy a flower in this color, it's a great way to portray joy, happiness, and spontaneity. If you celebrate Halloween and want to give an appropriate flower gift, you can find some orange flowers that fit the occasion's mood and color, too.

When it's time to make a floral delivery to someone you love, you can always start by using a color to convey a special message. Whether you want to express friendship, fun, or romantic love, many blooms can help you do that. Contact Main Floral today for a beautiful delivery.



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