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What Do Different Colors Symbolize When it Comes to Flowers?

What Do Different Colors Symbolize When it Comes to Flowers?

2nd Jul 2024

It should come as no surprise then that the colors of flowers can also be very important symbolically. A red rose may impart a much different meaning than a white rose, and so on. We’ll take a look at some of the different meanings that the colors of flowers can impart. If you need more assistance, it’s smart to chat with a florist.

Passion and Courage in Red

Red is one of the most common colors for flowers and is often associated with passion and romance. It can also symbolize courage and strength. Red is a great choice on Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. You might also opt for red flowers if someone is recovering from an illness or injury and needs some extra support.

White Symbolizes New Beginnings

White flowers often symbolize purity and cleanliness. If friends are welcoming a new child into their home, white flowers are a good choice, as they symbolize the new beginnings and joys that come with welcoming a new family member. You might give newlyweds white flowers as well to symbolize their pure and dedicated love for one another.

The Pure Happiness of Pink

In many cultures, pink is considered a feminine color. It’s a great choice as a gift for joyous occasions. If you’re buying flowers for someone who just graduated college or high school, pink is certainly worth a look. Pink is the perfect spring and summer shade, making it a fantastic floral piece to brighten up a room.

The Vibrancy of Orange

Orange flowers can certainly catch the eye and many people find them energizing. If you’re giving someone flowers before they embark on a new adventure, such as starting graduate school, orange flowers can go a long way. This is also a fitting color for the autumn season. Lantanas, flowering maples, and Chinese lanterns are beloved orange flowers.

Yellow is Energizing

Yellow is stunning and eye-catching. Like the sun, it can be energizing and warming. Yellow is a good pick-me-up color for floral arrangements. Brighten someone's day with options such as chrysanthemums, sunflowers, and daffodils.

No matter which way you cut it, color is important. In fact, according to Webinar Care, roughly 70% of people believe that the color of the flowers adds an impact to the overall gift. Need help deciding which colors to go with? Looking for a florist who can provide assistance? Get in touch with Main Floral!



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