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What Makes Hydrangeas So Popular?

What Makes Hydrangeas So Popular?

3rd Jul 2024

There are so many beautiful flowers out there. You're likely enjoying many of them now and will have other varieties in late summer. One of the most popular options for florals is hydrangeas. From their hues to versatility, here are reasons why this particular bloom is beloved by so many.

Fans Have Abundant Choices

If someone were to tell you that hydrangeas are their favorite flower, you should ask them which one in particular. Because there are so many different species, you could have a vase with a different type of hydrangea in every room in your home. According to Better Homes and Gardens, over 75 kinds of hydrangeas exist. See which one the best florist has available, as you may be able to have a range of them throughout the year.

The Flowers Can Climb

If you see a winding plant, you know how it can make a dynamic appearance inside or outside a home. Well, imagine the already beautiful hydrangeas making their way around trees, walls, and exteriors. Many of these varieties can crawl and wind their way up around such surfaces, adding more charm and value to your exterior.

They Are Color Chameleons

When you think of a species that can change its color, you may think of a chameleon that's trying to hide from a predator. The best florist can tell you that hydrangeas have the same ability. Some hydrangeas have a multicolored effect when you adjust the pH in your soil. Based on the level of acidity in your soil, you can enjoy big-leaf hydrangeas that start pink and convert over to blue.

Gardeners Enjoy Their Toughness

Why waste your time and effort on any plant that won't last very long? You don't have this problem with hydrangeas, as they’re known for their hardness level. These blooms can flourish in zones three to seven, which is the majority of the United States. The only places where you can't enjoy them are extremely hot regions. Otherwise, you have a strong chance of enjoying hydrangeas right in your garden.

As you can see, there are several reasons why people love hydrangeas. These versatile blooms can change color, they are available throughout many regions, and they can even climb. When you're ready to have them in your home or for a gift, the best florist at Main Floral can have an order ready whenever you need it. Contact us today for a regular flower delivery.



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