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Which Flowers Should I Choose to Express Condolences?

Which Flowers Should I Choose to Express Condolences?

12th Sep 2023

Supporting a friend or family member who is grieving the loss of a loved one is never easy, but can be really appreciated. Sometimes, you may struggle to find the words to express your condolences. Remember that you can offer your loved one sympathy flowers if that's the case. Which flowers belong in that bouquet? Let’s expand on that subject throughout this article.

1. Pink Carnations Encourage Cherishing a Lost Loved One’s Memories

Ordinarily, people love receiving flowers for any reason. According to Webinar Care, 65% of American consumers enjoy getting flowers. Of course, you cannot expect sympathy flowers to produce that same reaction.

Finding a reason to smile during those times is tough, but many can still do so by sharing cherished memories of their departed loved ones. Even the recipient of your flowers may end up smiling after recalling an especially funny story. No person will ever truly fade as long as our memories of them stay alive.

Pink carnations are flowers that encourage people to remember their lost loved ones. Include them in your bouquet and share one of your stories. Those kind gestures may ease your loved one’s burden, even briefly.

2. White Lilies Symbolize Remembrance for a Life Lost Too Soon

Expressing your grief and support for a family who has experienced that unimaginable loss can begin with a bouquet of white lilies. White lilies symbolize the innocence of the younger person who passed away before their time. Those flowers also express hope for a new beginning that the person may enjoy wherever they are.

3. Purple Roses Are Suitable Sympathy Flowers for Any Occasion

Figuring out which flowers to send can be difficult if you don’t know the person who passed away too well. In such a situation, you can purchase a floral arrangement made of purple roses. Roses express appreciation for the person who passed away and symbolize the support you wish to offer. Any color of rose will be great, but purple does convey respect.

Flowers are capable of conveying profound meaning. Use them to express your love and support to friends or family who are going through difficult times. Reach out to us today, and let us provide the appropriate bouquet for that purpose.



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