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Which Occasions Should You Give Flowers to Loved Ones?

Which Occasions Should You Give Flowers to Loved Ones?

26th Feb 2024

Flowers are the ultimate gift to send someone you love. No matter what time of year, you can visit your local florists to send floral arrangements to anyone you care about. If you're unsure of which occasions to do so, then read on for some insight.


According to About Flowers, over 77% of cut flower purchases are made for a specific reason or occasion. If someone you love has completed yet another rotation around the sun, then mark their birthday with a special bouquet. You can pick their favorite flower or flowers that represent their favorite color. If you're still unsure where to start, then why not pick flowers that represent their birthday month? A florist from our team would be happy to help you choose the perfect bouquet.


Holidays are a great time to spread sheer floral arrangements. Christmas time is often marked by the presence of Poinsettias. Of course, Valentine's Day is the most popular holiday for sending flowers, especially roses. Spread joy throughout the year by gifting flowers to a loved one in your life.


Losing a loved one is hard for everyone involved. One of the ways you can honor them and pay respects is by sending flowers for the funeral service or memorial. You may also want to send flowers to their mourning spouse, parents, or children.


Is one of your loved ones not feeling well? Flowers are a great way to help perk them up and show that you care. According to Psychology Today, flowers naturally create a feeling of happiness and wellness in anyone who receives them. While flowers won't automatically cure an ailment, they certainly will put someone in the right direction by helping to brighten their mood.

Just Becuase

Finally, one of the best reasons to contact local florists is for no reason at all. In other words, you could send flowers to a parent, friend, spouse, or partner just because! Maybe you were thinking of them and wanted to give them flowers to show you care.

There are many reasons to visit your local florists to buy flowers for someone you care about. From birthdays and holidays to no reason at all, flowers are the perfect gift for anyone at any time. For help finding the perfect bloom, visit our local flower shop today.



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