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Ming Fern (5 stem bunch)

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Ming Fern, also known as Asparagus retrofractus, Asparagus macowanii, or Pom Pom Asparagus Fern, is a popular foliage option in floral design. Native to South Africa, this ornamental evergreen is characterized by its unique, feathery appearance and versatile, long-lasting nature.

The Ming Fern features branching, arching stems adorned with clusters of small, needle-like leaves, creating a soft, delicate texture that resembles a fine fern. The foliage is a rich, deep green color, providing a beautiful contrast to more vibrant flowers and adding visual interest to any floral arrangement.

In flower design, Ming Fern is often used as a filler or accent, adding texture, depth, and a touch of greenery to bouquets, centerpieces, corsages, and boutonnieres. Its feathery, airy appearance helps to soften the overall look of an arrangement and provides a harmonious backdrop for various types of flowers.

The long, flexible stems of Ming Fern make it easy to work with and allow for versatile placement within a range of floral designs, from traditional to modern styles. Additionally, the plant's hardy nature ensures that it maintains its freshness throughout the duration of an event or display.

Ming Fern is also a popular choice for larger installations, such as wedding arches, ceremony backdrops, and reception decor, where its unique texture and lush greenery can be used to create a stunning, organic ambiance.

Ming Fern is an excellent choice for incorporating texture, depth, and greenery into floral designs. Its unique, feathery appearance and lasting freshness make it a versatile and appealing option for a wide variety of floral arrangements and event settings.



Customer Reviews